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A grassroots effort to save lives & strengthen Wisconsin's OWI Laws

Responding to and preventing crime. Looking for dangerous people in dangerous places. Arresting drunk drivers before they kill others. It's what police officers do every day to make a difference in our communities while serving and protecting others. But what happens when a cop is powerless to save those who matter most? For 16 years, veteran Patrol Officer Mike Knetzger patrolled the streets of Titletown, USA - Green Bay, Wisconsin. Like all cops, he believed in what he did, until the night of June 3, 2008. His 18-year-old daughter, Ashley, was murdered by a 2,000 pound speeding bullet. While he was on the streets protecting others, there was absolutely nothing Officer Knetzger could do to save Ashley's life. This compelling, powerful, and emotionally impacting narrative will let you ride along and discover how one girl changed a cop, a dad, a mom, a brother and sister, an entire police department, and a culture. Ashley's Story has been shared with over 20,000 high school and college students, police officers, members of the armed forces, parent, and community groups. Ashley's Story is changing lives and can change yours too.

This book is dedicated to Ashley’s memory. She was a difference maker and it’s our goal, through Ashley’s Story, to make a difference in Wisconsin and prevent drunk driving deaths. Unfortunately, Wisconsin ranks within the top five states for alcohol related problems and coddles first offense drunk drivers, regardless of how dangerous they are. A first offense drunk driver is merely issued a traffic citation (an ordinance violation – not a crime) with no risk of jail time or other sanctions except a license suspension or revocation. A first offense drunk driver, driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic – more dangerous than a bullet fired from a gun – faces no risk of jail time, even though they would significantly endangered the lives of others. Attitudes towards drinking and driving need to change and we hope that Ashley’ Story can serve as an avenue of that change.

Copies of Ashley’s Story are included with Mr. Knetzger’s emotionally impacting presentations. Portions of the proceeds from Ashley’s Story support a scholarship fund has been established in Ashley’s memory at the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) Foundation. Ashley’s scholarship benefits students each year who are pursuing nursing degrees. Ideal students who receive this award exemplify high academics and service to the community, just like Ashley did.  Donations can be sent directly to the NWTC Foundation, P.O. Box 19042, Green Bay, WI 54307-9042. All donations are tax deductible. Please note on your check or money order that your donation should be directed to the, “Ashley Knetzger Scholarship.” 

Your $10.00 purchase of Ashley’s Story also helps support her scholarship fund. Simply click here to order.

To bring Ashley’s Story to your high school, college, community group, or law enforcement organization, please contact Mr. Knetzger directly via email.

Praise For Ashley’s Story



"Mike shares an eye-opening and unique perspective on that deep down fear that every parent has. His journey as a dad and police officer will make your heart ache, then vow to make a difference. A must read for all parents and officers!" 
~ Sarah Thomsen, News Anchor / Reporter

"Ashley's Story is not just a law enforcement book, or a survivors story. This really is a love story and it left me feeling inspired, again, to do what I can to fight this drinking culture and drunk driving. And, I'm reminded again to appreciate every day!" 
~ Police Chief Todd Thomas, Appleton Police Department

"This book tells a truly heartbreaking story and should be required reading for every 9th and 10th grade student in America. As a 27-year police veteran, I can tell you the section on making proper and effective notifications should be required reading in every police academy and in every police in-service. I just wish I had that information at the start of my career." 
~ Police Chief Andrew Smith, Green Bay Police Department


Have you read or heard Ashley’s Story? Were you impacted by it? Please share with us via email regarding how Ashley‘s Story made a difference in your life.


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